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Press Kit

Noel LaBine, storyteller
& Peggy Larson, singer

Performing stories and songs that are funny, touching, engaging and uplifting.

Their shows include a variety of homespun storytelling by Noel LaBine and complimentary music by vocalist Peggy Larson.

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Video & Audio

Don't Fence Me InPeggy Larson
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Highlights and Achievements

Noel LaBine

  • Noel and Peggy performed storytelling shows at Minnesota County Fairs in 2017 and 2018

  • Finalist at Park Rapids Storytelling Contest.

  • Produced a storytelling show at Minneapolis Fringe Show in 2003.  Wrote two books about stories from experiences in Asia, Crossing the Stream, and Lessons Learned through Chaos & Mayhem from Northwest Minnesota.

  • In 2002 told stories to children with Wonder Weavers, Rhode & Shaski

Bio Peggy Larson

  • Peggy has researched Norwegian cow calling (kulokk) and authored the book  Sing 'Til the Cows Come Home which teaches many melodies and how to sing them. She has taught kulokk at the American Swedish Institute (MN), Vesterhein Museum (IA). Mount Holyoke College (MA), the Seattle Swedish Club (WA).

  • Has performed on ten commercial recordings.

  • She taught voice and vocal pedagogy at the Rotterdam and Arnhem conservatories in Holland, McNally-Smith College of Music (MN), and at the Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music Summer Session in India.


Noel LaBine

"Like the model set by Bill Holm, in telling tales of Northwestern Minnesota, Noel Labine in this collection of autobiographical stories with lessons learned, has illustrated the same for life in rural northwestern Minnesota. He has mined his personal life as a child and young adult in vignettes that contain both humor and principles to live by."

— Melvin Aanerud — retired small business manager and federal government official, author, performer and community activist

“I Love Noel’s hysterically humorous historical stories. Noel’s rendition of simple life experiences with a few bumps and bruises along the way also bring blessings and hope.”


— Annemarie Eveland — founder of Hurrah for Humans, LLC., which fosters education and publications that uplift and inspire the human spirit

“Noel LaBine’s book: Lessons Learned Through Chaos and Mayhem from Northwestern Minnesota offers the reader a unique glimpse of the factors that shaped this popular Twin Cities Storyteller.  Noel’s collection of personal tales acquaints us with his French Canadian heritage, his Roman Catholic upbringing, and most significantly his roots in the farmland of the northern Red River Valley. By listening to his stories, we not only gain insight into the elements that contributed to Noel’s character but we also gain a much deeper understanding of rural culture in the upper Midwest during the last half on the twentieth century.”

— Richard Rousseau — actor and storyteller

“Each story in Noel Labine's Lessons Learned through Chaos and Mayhem calls me curiously to the next. It is hard to stop once I start. A delightful walk through a world of new experience; like going on an adventure! A pleasure to listen to. I am grateful for this treasure of insights."


— Will Hale — award winning musician, songwriter and author of One Light, Many Reflections

Peggy Larson

"Her improvising is consistently interesting but the real appeal is her voice. Larson has a flexible instrument with an impressive range and tonal quality that only the best singers seem to possess which always transcends the material. Fortunately, the material in this case is generally high quality, also."


— Cadence — Netherlands music magazine

"Because of the service for the Dutch teaching of jazz and pop, on October 1, 2011, Peggy Larson was made an Honorary member of the Dutch Association of Singing Teachers. Since 1980, with infectious enthusiasm, Peggy led countless workshops throughout Holland, led choirs and performed as a jazz singer. With this work she was a leader in initiating voice teaching of jazz and pop music in Holland."


— NVZ Magazine — publication of the Dutch Association of Singing Teachers

Contact Information

Noel LaBine

Mobile phone 651-303-9264 (Please text and identify yourself first.)


Peggy Larson

Mobile phone 612-718-0424

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