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Singer Teacher Workshop Leader


Learn Norwegian Cow Herding Calls at the Vesterheim Museum


Join me for a fun, in-person kulokk class at the Vesterheim Folk Art School in Decorah, Iowa, on Monday, July 31, 2023 (9:00 am-5:00 pm).


Visit this Vesterheim page for more details!

Open to all levels. No experience (or cows) needed. 

Sing 'til the Cows Come Home 



A Book on Norwegian Herding Calls

Peggy has brought out a book! 


After her years of researching kulokk and kulokk melodies, Peggy made a book that tells the history and vocal technique of kulokk. It includes many beautiful kulokk melodies with recordings of the melodies and exercises for learning the technique. 


Perfect for singers, teachers and choir directors, and anyone interested in Norwegian culture! 


To get more information about "Sing 'til the Cows Come Home"  fill in this contact form. You can order a book, or ask any questions about it you may have. 

The book and CD costs $25 + shipping/handling. 

You can also purchase this book at the following businesses:

American Swedish Institute Shop, Minneapolis, MN

Ingebretsons Gift Shop, Minneapolis, MN

Vesterheim Museum Gift Shop, Decorah, IA

Scandinavian Specialties Store, Seattle, WA

Alvheim & Eide Akademisk Forlag, Bergen, NO (email:

Success! Message received.

Bob Berg, Julie Elhard, Peggy Larson, Emily Wright, Doug Wright, and Rocky Mjos .

Ukulele Drive

"Mix together members of a former folk rock band who have been smitten with the bubbly, happy sound of the ukulele, with friends from the jazz, classical, and early music worlds. Mix in a good helping of original tunes with covers from the “golden ages” of the ukulele. Season with some classical and world music melodies. Serve cool and fresh.

You’ll end up with something similar to Ukulele Drive".



Peggy Larson 

About Peggy and her Jazz Choir Tamam:

Peggy makes a rightfully enthusiastic impression that inspires the others [in Tamam]. She leads the group with a hard hand, but clearly with professional skill, authority and pleasure. She deserves all of our praise and support, and we hope to hear [Tamam] more often! 


NRC Handelsblad (Newspaper)



Her improvising is consistently interesting but the real appeal is her voice. Larson has a flexible instrument with an impressive range and tonal quality that only the best singers seem to possess which always transcends the material  Fortunately, the material in this case is generally high quality, also..



Because of the service for the Dutch teaching of jazz and pop, on October 1, 2011, Peggy Larson was made an Honorary member of the Dutch Association of Singing Teachers. Since 1980, with infectious enthusiasm, Peggy led countless workshops throughout Holland, led choirs and performed as a jazz singer. With this work she was a leader in initiating voice teaching of jazz and pop music in Holland.


NVZ Magazine









Peggy is a jazz and improvising singer with years of experience, performing around the globe! She specializes in concerts and lectures about kulokk, performs jazz and improvised music around the world. Peggy is currently a member of the group Ukulele Drive. Peggy specializes in kulokk performance and recently performed in Seattle at the Swedish Club. 


For more information, contact Peggy, and look further on this website: About Peggy and Events

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